This implementation was converted from the python implementation made by Vivake Gupta (v@nano.com) so all credit belongs to him!

This is the Porter stemming algorithm, ported to Python from the
version coded up in ANSI C by the author. It may be be regarded
as canonical, in that it follows the algorithm presented in

Porter, 1980, An algorithm for suffix stripping, Program, Vol. 14,
no. 3, pp 130-137,

only differing from it at the points maked --DEPARTURE-- below.

See also http://www.tartarus.org/~martin/PorterStemmer

The algorithm as described in the paper could be exactly replicated
by adjusting the points of DEPARTURE, but this is barely necessary,
because (a) the points of DEPARTURE are definitely improvements, and
(b) no encoding of the Porter stemmer I have seen is anything like
as exact as this version, even with the points of DEPARTURE!

Vivake Gupta (v@nano.com)

Release 1: January 2001



struct PorterStemmer
Undocumented in source.